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  • Sel Zonn Station

    h2. Notable NPCs * [[:maya | Maya]] * [[:switch | Switch]] h2. Description Sel Zonn Station is a typical XQ2 Space Platform and little more than a travel and cargo port, just like dozens of others in orbit around [[Brentaal]]. It is one of over …

  • Felucuian Village

    A village ravaged by disease and abductions by the Empire. The heroes after an initial conflict have helped the village and received the aid of a guide. The heroes have also stopped a Scout trooper from contacting the base about the heroes and the …

  • Felucia

    This is a swamp and rain forest planet that was ravaged by war during the Clone Wars. After the defeat of the Separatists the planet was left relatively alone. Rebel intel has provided that there is a small prison located on the planet for political …

  • Cato Neimoidia

    The heroes must travel here to locate [[Darga]], a hutt crime lord located in the city of [[Zarra]] and gather information on his trades with the Empire.

  • Zarra

    The heroes have received Intel that [[Darga]] is located in this city. The city is located on the planet [[Cato Neimoidia | Cato Neimoidia]].

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