Prison Break
Oh Snap

The heroes rested before their assault on the prison.

They snuck in through an un-maintained hatch that did not agree with its environment. Once in they moved quickly. They killed the Comms Officers and the Prison second in command planting charges on the Communications Array as requested. Then they opened the medical bay to discover some sort of experiment being conducted on some Felucian Natives. Lastly they killed the guards in the prison block and rescued Admiral Gilder Varth.

Now they need to escape.

Second Session
To Felucia and Beyond

The heroes rescued an Alderaanian Security agent and smuggled him back to Alderaan. They were then tasked with finding the fate of Admiral Gilder Varth on Felucia. After a close encounter with a Star Destroyer the Banshee had a rough landing and required some minor repairs.

The players went on foot through the jungle and happened upon a Felucuian Village where they used some medical supplies to help some children and gain some intel on the prison. Upon discovery the heroes chased down and killed an Imperial Scout Trooper to prevent him from contacting the prison.

First Session

Encountered Maya and prevented her arrest. She requested the players help her complete her mission by meeting with Switch. Switch sells them the cargo release and provides the location. Ganga-Lor attempts to usurp Switch’s operation but fails.

The players go to Blue Deck and collect their cargo after fighting through some Stormtroopers.

They are currently awaiting pickup from Maya from the main cargo bay.

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